The Guardians’ Secret coming 2023!

Book Two of The Stalwarth Chronicles


Book One of The Stalwarth Chronicles


For fans of My Hero Academia and Young Justice, TGA is a fantastical superhero romance packed with creativity.” – Michelle Monárrez, author of Refurbished: The Clover Initiative

This fresh YA debut fantasy is populated with super-power heroes and baddies that kept me turning the pages.” – Cat Michaels, award winning author.

This awesome debut novel had me hooked from the action-packed start.” – S.J. Pratt, author of THE 716

“When is book 2 coming!!???” – Goodreads Reviewer

About A.M. McPherson

A.M. is a self-published author who needs more naps in her life. Writing is her outlet and she enjoys a good cup of decaf coffee or tea (some dark chocolate doesn’t hurt either) while she works. She lives with her hubby (who has read more of her first drafts than any sane person should) and her little dude. She loves to hike, watch ghost stories, watch way too many YouTube videos and be creative whenever possible. Learn more about her by clicking here.


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