The Guardians’ Daughter

Secrets bind them together. Secrets may also tear them apart. 

The day Ember’s parents were murdered was the day she lost her faith in heroes. Alone and adrift, she tries to forge a life for herself in the rubble the Guardians who failed her left behind. She vows to never trust heroes again, but will that vow also keep her from finding love?

Aiden wasn’t looking for love, just a chance to do some good. What he found instead was a young woman as captivating as she was cold. He should stay away, but he can’t. Now he’s faced with the choice of whether to keep a terrible secret about his past—one that links him to Ember’s parents—or risk telling Ember and losing her.

Ember wants to stay true to herself while figuring out her future. But Aiden’s secret may have her second guessing everything, leaving her more heartbroken than ever before.

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Quick Glance

  • Book Title: The Guardians’ Daughter
  • Series Title: The Stalwarth Chronicles
  • Age Category: YA
  • Genre(s): Urban Fantasy/Romance/Superhero
  • Publication Date: September 21, 2021
  • Formats: Ebook, Hardback & Paperback
  • Comps:  Fans of My Hero Academia and Young Justice will enjoy THE GUARDIANS’ DAUGHTER, especially if they wanted more romance and a college setting.
  • Trigger Warnings: Violence, strong language and themes of mental health (i.e. anxiety, depression and mentions of suicide).

The Guardians’ Daughter won 2nd place in AllAuthor’s Cover of the Month Contest!

Meet the Main Characters

Aiden & Ember in front of The University of Stalwarth (artwork by Tara Spruit @taratjah on Instagram)

Ember Vulterra is the daughter of two great Guardians who were murdered when she was younger. After years of self-isolation to avoid the press she decides it’s time for her to try to move forward with her life. She attends the University of Stalwarth, where she meets Aiden Stiles and finds herself attracted to the mysterious, hardworking young man. Soon though she realizes Aiden is hiding something from her while something more sinister is brewing under their noses. Not all is what it seems in the world of the Guardians.

Aiden Stiles is just a young guy who is hoping to make a difference in the world. He experienced a traumatic event when he was younger that has haunted him ever since. He attends the University of Stalwarth wanting to train his abilities to be a Guardian, to protect those who need it most. However, when he meets Ember he is overwhelmed with guilt about a secret he was instructed to keep, and finds himself struggling with the decision he has to make: either be honest with Ember about his connection to her parents and risk losing her, or live with the deception every time he looks at her.

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