The Guardians’ Daughter

She wanted to forget her past. Love will force her to remember. 

Ember Vulterra’s parents were Guardians—people who used their abilities to protect the city of Stalwarth no matter the cost. But when they pay the ultimate price to stop a villain attack, Ember loses her faith in the city’s heroes, swearing to never follow in her parents’ footsteps. 

Aiden Stiles was accepted into the University of Stalwarth, ready to start his training to become a Guardian. Yet, a dark secret resurfaces when he meets Ember, linking him to her parents.

Will Aiden risk everything and tell Ember what he knows? Or will he try to help her uncover what really happened to her parents, while hiding his secret? As the two grow closer, hearts are bound to be broken, no matter the choice he makes.

A.M. McPherson breaks onto the literary scene with a coming-of-age story full of romance, mental health themes, and mystery. Fans of My Hero Academia and Young Justice will enjoy this fresh take on a superhero world that mirrors our own. 

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  • BOOK TITLE: The Guardians’ Daughter
  • SERIES: The Stalwarth Chronicles (Book One)
  • AGE CATEGORY: Young Adult/New Adult (16+)
  • GENRE: Superhero Romance / Urban Fantasy
  • PUBLICATION DATE: September 21, 2021
  • FORMATS: Hardcover, paperback, and ebook
    • Slow-Burn Romance / Healthy Relationship Portrayal
    • Mental Health themes regarding Depression and Anxiety
    • Violence and some strong language


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The Guardians’ Daughter (1st Edition) won 2nd place in AllAuthor’s Cover of the Month contest in November 2021

The Guardians’ Daughter reached no. 64 in YA Superhero Fiction



Aiden & Ember in front of The University of Stalwarth (artwork by Tara Spruit @taratjah on Instagram)

Ember Vulterra is a recluse for years after her parents’ murders, and it isn’t until years later she starts to think about her future. She decides to attend the University of Stalwarth, and there she meets Aiden Stiles. She soon realizes Aiden is hiding something from her, and there may be more to her parents’ murders than she first thought.

Aiden Stiles is a young man who wants to make a difference. He attends the University of Stalwarth with dreams of becoming a Guardian. However, he meets Ember and is overwhelmed with guilt about a secret in his past. He struggles with his anxiety, and also his developing feeling for the Guardians’ daughter.